If you have private health insurance it is important to check how much your policy will pay, because some policies do not cover all the associated costs. This is due to the fact that many insurance companies have not increased their cover for surgical fees for over 15 years. This is despite inflation and the rapidly increasing costs of medical indemnity insurance.

For patients paying for their own treatment there is the option of fixed price surgery. This cost includes medical fees, hospital fees, drugs and surgical implants, physiotherapy in hospital, any medical treatment whilst in hospital, and for an extended stay for complications directly related to the procedure following surgery.


Finance packages including 0% APR are available:

£10,500 - £13,000

£Upon Consultation

£6,000 - £7,000

£500 - £1,000

Hip Replacement & Robotic Hip Replacement

Revision Hip Replacement

Hip Arthroscopy

Hip Block

£10,500 - £13,000

£3,500 - £4,000

Total Knee Replacement & Robotic Hip Replacement

Knee Arthroscopy

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