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How To Love Your Hips

Our bodies are unique, with each one having its shape, size, and features. However, there is often one part of our body that we tend to struggle with- our hips. For some, it may be the size or shape, while for others it may be the mobility and strength. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to learn how to love and appreciate our hips.

Love your hips

Our hips are the pillars of our body's structure, pivotal in every step we take, every bend, and every leap. They are the bridge between our upper and lower body, ensuring we move smoothly and with stability. Beyond their physical function, hips symbolise balance and creativity, residing at the centre of our body's universe.

Here are some ways that you can cultivate love and acceptance for your hips. From resting to mental shifts, we will dive into various ways to help you embrace and celebrate your unique hips.

Mindful Appreciation

Begin with a simple yet profound shift in how you view your hips. Recognise them as a source of strength and grace. Try daily affirmations that focus on gratitude for the support and mobility your hips provide such as "I am grateful for the ability to do what I love thanks to my hips".

Gentle Movement

Embrace exercises that enhance hip flexibility and strength without straining them. Yoga and Pilates offer a range of movements that can increase hip mobility, while also fostering a deeper connection with your body.

Nourish Your Body

Nutrition plays a crucial role in bone and joint health. Incorporate foods rich in calcium, vitamin D, and Omega-3 fatty acids and those that are anti-inflammatory to support your hips and overall well-being. Healthy hips are happy hips!

Rest and Recovery

Allow your hips the time to rest and recover, especially if you engage in activities that put extra strain on them. Remember, rest is just as important as movement in maintaining health.

Seek Professional Guidance

If mobility or pain is a concern, consulting with a healthcare provider like myself, your GP or a physical therapist can provide targeted strategies to improve your hip health.

Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Each body is unique, and so are our hips. Celebrate them for what they allow you to do, and dress in ways that make you feel confident and comfortable, highlighting the beauty of your natural form.


Loving your hips is an integral part of embracing your body as a whole. It's about recognising their strength, honouring their role in your mobility, and nurturing them with care and respect. As we learn to appreciate our hips for all they offer, we embark on a deeper journey of self-love and acceptance. Celebrate your hips and their power, their resilience, and the balance they bring to our daily lives, quite literally!

If you have been experiencing ongoing hip pain or noticed a decrease in your mobility, you can book a consultation with me at one of my private clinics in Dorset. Get in touch with my friendly and knowledgable team to get started.


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