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Mr Garrett Tests Kincise Orthopaedic Noise Reduction Kit

Mr Simon Garrett is thrilled to be the first person in the UK to demonstrate noise reduction kit in orthopaedics! Mr Garrett is not only the first hip surgeon in the UK, but only the third surgeon in Europe to have used a brand new innovation in orthopaedics!

Many people may not know this, but there is an increasing risk of hearing loss to orthopaedic surgeons and theatre personnel due to the use of powered instruments in elective orthopaedics and fracture fixations during the operation. Though it is always advised and essential for orthopaedic surgeons to use ear defenders and protective ear-wear to help reduce this risk, the risk still stands high due to the instruments used in surgery.

That's why Mr Garrett has been curious about the lack of manufactures encouraged to develop instruments with lower noise emission levels for orthopaedic surgeons in particular, until he came across a new system that he has been demonstrating throughout 2021...

The system is called Kincise by J & J Global Health and Mr Garrett hopes to demonstrate that this is a very efficient, quieter kit with less risk of complications than traditional hip replacement surgery equipment and of course, a reduction in the risk of hearing loss in orthopaedic surgeons and theatre personnel.

Mr Garrett also hopes that it'll lead to less fatigue among surgeons that is increasing due to the loud noises and banging that they endure when carrying out surgery.

We look forward to updating you more on this system 👨‍⚕️🔨

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