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Let's Talk About Private Healthcare

Private health can still be a subject not many want to discuss, but since the 2019 Covid-19 pandemic has affected our precious and delicate NHS, it seems that seeking treatment privately is an essential option. So let's talk a little bit about Private Healthcare 🌿

Let us begin with a common question: "when would going private for my hip or knee replacement surgery help me?"

One of the biggest advantages of seeking a private hip or knee replacement is not having to wait as long for your operation. Currently, waiting times for non-urgent referrals is 18-weeks with the NHS (see information on NHS surgery waiting times here) which for some who have been suffering with hip or knee pain whether mild or chronic, is simply too much to bear.

Chronic hip or knee pain doesn't just affect the physical abilities of day-to-day living, it also affects mental health and the longer we see patients endure this kind of pain, the longer the affect on their mental health.

Patients seeking hip or knee surgery privately can usually have their operation within weeks of their initial consultation and investigation. Patients going privately are also able to choose a date and time that suits them, and in the private hospital of their choice!

If you are in urgent need of a hip or knee replacement or experiencing ongoing chronic pain that has meant putting your life on hold, going private might help you to get back on track and fast.

This is just a brief introduction and overview of private health for hip or knee pain which I hope you have found useful. I will be elaborating more on this subject and covering common myths, questions and topics in the realms of private health; so stay tuned for more on this topic if it is of interest to you.

Feel free to explore my private Dorset hip and knee clinics and don't hesitate to contact my friendly team if you have any questions about hip or knee replacement surgery.

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Sep 09, 2021

have you paid Fox or Disney to use this Simpson snip???????

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