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Myth Busts 👉 "Having A Knee Replacement Will Limit What I Can Do In Life"

It is common for people to believe that after having knee replacement surgery they won't be as active as they perhaps used to or wish to be, but it is actually quite the opposite...

Knee pain can prevent you from doing the things you love most whether that's day-to-day activities such as walking, exercising or enjoying life in general. The time it takes to notice a decrease in mobility and an increase in joint pain varies from patient to patient, for example, some patients notice this fairly quickly while others may take longer to recognise.

So if it came to it, will having a knee replacement limit what you can do in life?

It may or may not come as a surprise, but after knee replacement surgery patients are pleasantly surprised to find that their knee works the way it is meant to and in some cases, their knee replacement surgery has allowed them to do more than they were able to before their knee surgery.

How is this possible?

We are able to restore the knee joint through knee replacement surgery and help patients to gain back the ability to do all the things that they love to do and previously couldn't do prior to surgery because of their pain knee pain.


Would you like to learn more about knee surgery? Explore Mr Garrett's private knee clinic here.


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