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Where is your hip pain?

Hip pain can be caused by a number of conditions such as arthritis, fractures, infections for example, so it is important for us to identify where the pain stems from within the hip. From here we can create the most effective treatment plan and next steps for each patient.

Let us assume you have been to see your local GP for your hip pain and as a result you have had your x-ray, but it says that the hip joints appear normal. There could be a number of reasons why your hips appear to look fine on the x-ray, yet you still experience ongoing pain and discomfort in this area. So let's take a few steps to see if we can get a better understanding of what could potentially be causing your hip pain as a rough guide.

To start, where is your hip pain?

Is it only felt on the side of the hip?

  1. Is it tender or sore to lie on that side?

  2. Does the pain get worse the more you walk and then ease off once you rest?

Diagnosis: Probable Bursitis or gluteal tendonitis

Is it sore across your low back radiating down across the buttock/pelvis?

  1. Any weakness/numbness/pins and needles in the leg

  2. Does the pain go into the foot?

  3. Any history of sciatica or back troubles?

Diagnosis: Possible referred pain from the back or a trapped nerve

Do you get a severe sharp intermittent catching pain in the groin on certain movements?

  1. Does it feel like the hip gets stuck or locked in position?

  2. Can it feel like the hip is dislocating?

  3. Is there clicking or clunking from the area?

Diagnosis: Possible labral tear (torn hip cartilage)

These are examples of conditions that are often mis-diagnosed, ignored or not treated appropriately. Unfortunately however, getting to see the most appropriate specialist can be frustrating.

I would be delighted to see you and help get the right diagnosis as quickly as possible. You can book to see me at any of my private clinics across Dorset:

  • BMI The Winterbourne Hospital, Dorchester

  • BMI Harbour Hospital, Poole

  • The Nuffield Hospital, Bournemouth

Click here to contact my secretary, Lauren, who will be gladly able to assist you.


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