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3 Signs That You Shouldn't Ignore Your Ongoing Knee Pain

Patients that experience ongoing knee pain whether mild or chronic, will understand the implications it can have on even the most simple of daily chores or hobbies such as walking; and we see so many patients who have had to stop certain activities and even the things they love doing most, because of their ongoing joint pain. Knee pain can either creep up on you over time or prominent, but whichever you experience, you shouldn't ignore it.

Here are three common signs that you may need a knee replacement, why it might be time to investigate your symptoms and ultimately why you shouldn't ignore your knee pain - take a look below!

👉 You are experiencing ongoing pain in your knees over a long period of time

👉 You are no longer as mobile as you'd like to be due to your knee pain

👉 You have tried medication and even tried walking aids to help, but they're not helping

If you have said yes to at least one of the above, it might be time to investigate your knee pain with an orthopaedic consultant to see if a knee replacement is a necessary option.

If you wish to see a private consultation, you can do this through a referral by your GP if you are going through your private health insurer or book an appointment without a GP referral if you are looking to self-fund your consultation & treatment. You can of course ask your GP for a referral to see an NHS consultant if you wish, though there may be a longer waiting period. If you are going private, you can be seen within 4-weeks. More information on payment options and costs through our private clinic can be found here.

Don't let your chronic pain stop you from doing the things you love most, and don't ignore any ongoing joint pain 🌱


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