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Myth Busts 👉 "I'm Too Young For A Joint Replacement"

"I'm too young for a joint replacement so I don't need to see an orthopaedic consultant for my pain" is a common phrase we often hear around the orthopaedic circle. So let's dive in a little deeper to investigate whether this understandably common myth is in fact true or false.

We can associate joint pain with age, being active, arthritis inflammation, for example which can oversee the importance of younger patients seeking help for their ongoing joint pain because they don't feel that they fit the criteria for a typical patient suffering from joint pain.

But what we see particularly here in Mr Garrett's clinic are younger patients who have been noticing a decline in their mobility, ongoing mild or chronic pain in their hip and knee joints that have been getting in the way of even the most simplest of day to day activities.

Hip and knee pain in younger patients can be especially brought on early by an active lifestyle, the nature of their hobbies and of course those who have more active jobs where workers are required to undergo more weight bearing duties versus someone who works from home or in an office.

Bearing continual weight on your hip and knee joints can bring on discomfort, and over time wear your joints down more and more. That's when we start to see younger patients coming in to investigate their pain to prevent any more damage being done and get back to doing what they love most. The results of that investigation will present treatment options that may include a joint replacement, surgery and non-surgical treatments for patients to consider, and discuss further with their consultant.

The verdict?

This is in fact a myth BUSTED

You cannot be too young for a joint replacement or to seek support for your ongoing joint pain, but it can be be common in those most active for work, through their hobbies or lifestyle in general.

We hope this has helped encourage younger patients not to ignore any joint discomfort, pain and seek a consultation with an orthopaedic consultant to investigate the pain further.

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